Our story

Physiotherapy is a very wide field of action aimed at protecting, maintaining, re-establishing or increasing functional capacities. Health professionals need access to high-quality products that combine efficiency, technical excellency and ease of use and are completely compatible with every movement made.

A Recognised Range

Found in most of the major French sporting federations, world-famous clubs and leading hospitals and rehabilitation centres, MEDICAFARM® products are welcomed for their reliability and great efficiency.

Our rigorous requirements mean that we occupy a significant place in the minds of masseurs, physiotherapists and health professionals.

The MEDICAFARM® brand, from Laboratoires INELDEA, has been specially perfected to meet the needs of health professionals in every way and to offer them:


Natural, innovative, high-quality products

  • Products formulated using the best possible combinations of active plant ingredients, selected for their recognised properties.
  • Natural and biological products with suitably adapted galenical forms: massage creams, care oils, cold products, gels, clays, balms etc.
  • Specific care gels that can be used in contact, massage or wrapping processes.
  • High-tech and hygienic products, especially the Airless Bottle*

Products that combine efficacy, high-tech and ease of use

  • Textures studied with professional use in mind: fluid, smooth and film-forming creams, free of grease, with good glide and skin-nourishing properties.
  • Water-soluble gels that penetrate rapidly. Do not stain or stick and respect the skin's pH.
  • Natural and gentle scents that leave a pleasant perfume on the skin without being heady during treatment.


  • Products of 100% natural origin, put together using the best active plant concentrations and 100% pure essential oils, without paraben, colouring, genetically modified substances or ingredients of animal origin.
  • Products that have been tested for good skin tolerance.
  • Products that are designed for professional use and are being continually improved and adapted.
  • Practical packaging that has been studied for all types of use.


  • The MEDICAFARM® range of products, from Laboratoires INELDEA, are made in France under Quality Assurance, in accordance with current regulations.
  • Laboratoires INELDEA benefits from ISO 22 000 certification.
  • The ecological and biological care products are certified by ECOCERT.

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