The TEO® occlusive wrapping technique using MEDICAFARM's RHUMA–K* Care Gel

This protocol, exclusive to MEDICAFARM, is most often applied in hospitals or sporting situations.

How is stage II muscle damage treated ?

An injury is generally indicative of a combination of overexertion and fatigue. It usually occurs during training for a race that is coming nearer


Created in 1983 by Frenchman Michel Lidoreau, a physiotherapist and osteopath, biokinergy is a method of treatment centred on the presence of "tissue winding" in the skin.

Physiotherapy to help slimming

Whether kneading, manual palpation and rolling or lymphatic drainage, the aesthetic side of physiotherapy is hugely popular with patients.

Rehabilitation of damage caused by "Achilles tendinitis"

Rehabilitation of "Achilles tendinitis" damage using Medicafarm products

The Airless flacon a high-tech, hygienic, high performance packaging

The airless system ensures optimum preservation of the product in terms of hygiene.