The Airless flacon a high-tech, hygienic, high performance packaging

The pluses:

> Optimum protection of active ingredients against oxidation.

Packaged in a vacuumed protective pouch. Each formula is fully preserved.

> Accurate dosage of product according to current quality requirements. Can be used in all positions, even upside down

 > Ecological, without propellent gases

> Hygienic, no contamination of product

> Economical, complete use of product with no substance left at end of tube

The airless system ensures optimum preservation of the product in terms of hygiene.

By preventing any air from entering the dosing bottles, airless packages protect the preparations against oxidation and pollution and make the care products more efficient and longer-lasting. In addition, the pump system prevents contact between fingers and preparation and minimises the risk of contamination. The airless pump system prevents splashing and is easily cleaned and reused.

Characteristics: The airless bottle distributes the cream through simple pressure on the pump, by avoiding all contact between preparation and air.


Principle of operation:

  • "Airless" means precisely that - without air. In a standard pump bottle, when the pump is activated the product is expressed, that is, the pump pulls the substance upwards by exerting pressure. When the pump is released, the surrounding air is sucked in to restore pressure inside the bottle.
  • When the airless system is used, the pump, when released, creates a depression which raises a piston inside the bottle. No air can therefore enter the inside of the bottle. Your product therefore has optimum protection against oxidation and pollution.