How is stage II muscle damage treated ?

An injury is generally indicative of a combination of overexertion and fatigue. It usually occurs during training for a race that is coming nearer.

Two phases must be distinguished in the treatment of stage II muscle damage:



During the so-called "inflammation phase", which generally lasts 2-4 days, priority must be given to compression and application of cold.

All forms of NSAI and Ultrasound must be prohibited, and occlusive poultices must be applied using the CRYO-ARGIL care clay (see technique opposite).



During the second or "reparation and remodelling" phase, which lasts 1-12 weeks (depending on the seriousness of the injury), it is important to expose the damaged muscle to progressive functional stimulation.

It is advisable to apply the "Ice Effect" CRYO-K Menthol and Camphor treatment gel during ultrasound procedures.

You can also give massage with arnica massage cream to relieve and treat episodes of inflammation.