The TEO® occlusive wrapping technique using MEDICAFARM's  RHUMA–K* Care Gel

This protocol, exclusive to MEDICAFARM, is most often applied in hospitals or sporting situations.



- To relieve pain by therapeutic heat:

Various types of joint pain (lumbar and dorsal regions, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees)

- To prepare the muscle before hard work, especially in cold weather.


RHUMA-K Gentle Warmth care gel and OLEO-K aerosol from MEDICAFARM + wrapping film 125 mm / 150 m



- Spray the OLEO-K aerosol over the desired area for 2-3 seconds.

- Spread a thick layer of RHUMA-K Gentle Warmth care gel, 3-5 mm, without massaging.

- Apply a non-woven paper to the layer of gel.

- Spray the OLEO-K aerosol for 2-3 seconds.

- Wrap using the film.

- Allow to act for 15-30 minutes before removing the film (do not exceed 45 min).

- Allow the remaining product to penetrate.




A feeling of freshness, initially on the surface and then deep, will become apparent during the first few minutes. It will then be replaced by a sensation of gentle warmth, which becomes stronger up until the 15th minute and then dissipates gradually between the 20th and 30th minute.



- Clean for practitioner and patient

- Simple, does not require any appliances

- Fast, can be applied in less than a minute

- Practical, the patient can remove the wrap at home as soon as the effects disappear

- Efficient, the alternating feelings of "cold and hot" bring a real relief

- Natural, it concentrates the properties of plant extracts and essential oils.



On some very sensitive people, the duration and intensity of the reaction may be reduced by lessening the OLEO-K aerosol sprays. Similarly, the wrap time can be reduced if unpleasant sensations are felt.

* Gentle heat only